The Sheriff and the Pheasant Hunt Murders

Eight thousand hunters decend on Crawford County, Texas, for the annual pheasant season. To Sheriff Charles Matthews that’s eight thousand chances for a gun-related accident. But when the most hated man in the county, banker Rich Hansford, turns up with his face removed by a shotgun blast, it’s no accident; it’s murder. To Crawford County folk, it’s a public service killing, and no one, not even the sheriff’s staff, are much interested in seeing anyone arrested. Certainly no one will inform on his neighbor; in fact, no one will talk at all. It’s up to the sheriff to break through the wall of silence and arrest the murderer.


“Don’t miss D.R. Meredith’s High Plains mysteries. Delightful characters, vast Texas landscapes, dandy yarns.”

Tony Hillerman.

“Rivals even the best in the genre.”

                                                        Review of Texas Books

 “Sheriff Charles Matthews is what some Texas lawmen are like and what we would hope all our Texas lawmen could be like: tough but fair, resourceful, moral, walking tall and tipping his hat to the ladies.”

                                                        El Paso Times

“Meredith gives the streetwise detective series a nice rural twist. She has an eye for the flatness of the Panhandle and for the cottonwoods down in the river breaks.”

                                                           Texas Monthly

“Meredith’s books are recognized for their taut potting, reader-involving characters and crisp dialogue. . .”

                                                            Mystery Scene

“Texas based mystery novels reveal more about the Lone Star state than just whodunit.”

                                                     The Dallas Morning News

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