The Sheriff and the Branding Iron Murders

When cowboy artist Willie Russell is murdered on the Branding Iron Ranch, Sheriff Charles Matthews faces a mystery that seems built on the bones of the past. Willie Russell leaves behind sketches that illustrate a century-old legend of a brutal outlaw, a beautiful young woman, and the lost Santiago Crucifix, a three foot tall cross of solid gold. With only the sketches, the foot prints of Johnny Brentwood, and very little else, Charles focuses on the eerie links between past and present events. Were Willie’s sketches the story of the past, or a portent of the future?


“He (Charles Matthews) is a delightful man, ill at ease on horseback, willing to go the last mile to solve a mystery. . . Meredith has a winner here.”

El Paso Times

“Plot, characters, and background combine in a superior whodunit, good enough to whet the reader’s appetite for future adventures of Sheriff Matthews.”

Amarillo Sunday Globe News

“In these days of condensed, degydrated, and written-down books, the republication of The Sheriff and the Branding Murders is a discovery to be relished. Originally published in hardcover, this novel is being issued in its original length.”

Ellen A. Nehr

Murder Ad lib

“Don’t miss D.R. Meredith’s High Plains mysteries. Delighful characters, vast Texas landscapes, dandy yarns.”

Tony Hillerman

“Meredith is an artist with words. Her well-rounded characters are vivid, her presentation of idiomatic language makes for realistic dialogue, and the almost unknown geographical area seems more than a spot on a large-scale map.”

Murder Ad Lib

“A fresh, snappy voice of crime fiction.”


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