Murder by Masquerade

Someone is killing prostitutes on Amarillo Boulevard after sending each a cryptic invitation to “cleanse your soul in the blood of the lamb.” One victim mails a letter to John Lloyd Branson, the Panhandle’s most famous lawyer, begging for his help. When she is murdered before she can talk to him, and her appointment is kept by her pimp and his stable of girls, John Lloyd declines any involvement in the case. His legal assistant, Lydia Fairchild is so incensed that she goes undercover on the Boulevard to search out the killer without John Lloyd’s knowledge. Lydia’s bumbling attempt to masquerade as a prostitute causes chaos on the Boulevard, and catches the attention of the Butcher. The killer’s taunting phone call to John Lloyd, promising that Lydia will be his next victim, brings the attorney roaring onto the Boulevard to protect Lydia and bring posthumous justice to the Butcher’s prey.


“A delight for the gourmet of mayhem: sparkling characters, a diabolically dovetailed plot, and some of the most brittle writing this side of McBain. Meredith is a bright new dawn on the tired horizon of the American mystery.”

                                                            Loren D. Estleman

 “The Amarillo author has carved out quite a comfortable spot in the mystery-writing ranks. Here a murderer nicknamed “The Boulevard Butcher” has been leaving mutilated corpses of Panhandle Prostitutes. The story features a nice sense of place, a Texas accent and a fast-moving plot.”

                                                        Dallas Morning News

 “This is quite a novel, and a terrific story that keeps you guessing from beginning to end. . .The author delivers dialogue that zings with characterization and wit and her vivid descriptions bring every event to the reader. So take a step to the Panhandle’s sleasiest district in D.R. Meredith’s best novel yet!”

                                                    Rave Reviews

 “Yes, there is a Canadian in Texas. John Lloyd Branson, the Texas Panhandle lawyer and his SMU law school student assistant, Lydia Fairchild, return in their third book. . .Someone is killing prostitutes and Lydia goes undercover to find out who. . .John Lloyd reminds me of the old tales of Marion Reynolds–a gentleman, if that word could be used to refer to a criminal lawyer, who practiced law in 1929 in the Texas Panhandle town of Shamrock. At any rate, John Lloyd is truly a local character, certainly as flamboyant as Reynolds. . .”

                                                        Mystery News

“The tird in the John Lloyd Branson mysteries is not for the faint-hearted. This book is as violent and grubby as the world Meredith portrays–a six block area of Amarillo Boulevard where everything is for sale. Meredith has created an intriguing ensemble of characters in Branson, Fairchild, Jenner and Schroder.”

                                                        Jekyll’s Golden Islander

“While John Lloyd is indeed an interesting character, this novel is all buty stolen by the spunky and thoroughly engaging character of Miss Lydia Fairchild. The two of them together are unbeatable.”

                                                            Liz Bailey

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