Murder by Sacrilege

The preacher’s bride is a truck stop waitress half his age with a reputation that horrifies his congregation, and a free and easy way with the male membership. Still, no one expects Reverend David Hailey to stone his wife to death. But that isn’t the worst of Hailey’s acts. Substituting his wife’s body for the Virgin Mary in the Nativity Scene is a worse act of sacrilege than murder. With feelings at a fever pitch in the little Texas town of Canadian, John Lloyd Branson steps in to defend the reverend. But first he must learn why the preacher killed his wife, then he must persuade his legal clerk, Lydia Fairchild, that he is not deliberately throwing the case by his seemingly inept courtroom strategy.


“A fascinating murder leads to a spellbinding trial. Murder by Sacrilege is fast-paced, fun and filled with unexpected twists. . .Meredith definitely knows her way around a courtroom.”

William Bernhardt
Author of Perfect Justice

“D. R. Meredith’s Murder by Sacrilege offers a rare combination of insight and laugh-out-loud humor, sometimes in the same sentence. And the law in her latest courtroom confrontation is accurate, which is just as rare.”

Jay Brandon

“Meredith effectively makes the courtroom a stage on which tragedy and farce play simultaneously.”

Publishers Weekly

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