A Time Too Late

On the Texas Panhandle frontier as woman was seen as either a whore or a helpmate. Mattie Jo Hunter was neither. Determined to build a ranching empire on the the desolate plains, she went her own way and asked no quarter from nature or man–including her weakling husband. She would do what she must to realize her dream and secure her own self-respect. As Mattie’s bond with her ranch manager and former Texas Ranger, Jesse McDade, grew stronger, they risked both their honor and their dreams.


“Meredith knows the wind-swept high plains’every mood, beauty, and danger, and has created characters who cast long shadows.”

Jeanne Williams, author of  No Roof But Heaven 


“An enthralling and satisfying novel.”

Linda Lay Shuler, author of She Who Remembers 


“I highly recommend A Time Too Late for those of you who like historicals, and those of you who don’t. If D. R. Meredith can keep me interested in an historical, then she can grab anyone’s attention.”

Susan Rogers Cooper, author of Other People’s Houses.


“Meredith has written a rip-roaring western with a woman you will come to admire. As they say in Texas, a worthwhile man or woman must cast a long shadow and Meredith casts her own long shadow.”

Jeckyll Golden Islander

“The knowledge of Panhandle history. . .lends solid authority to the story of Mattie Hunter. . .a spoiled young heiress from Pueblo, Colorado, takes over responsibilities for a frontier ranch and for her own life. She comes increasingly to identify her future with that of the raw, new land that challenges her character and spirit.”

Amarillo Globe News

A Time Too Late by D. R. Meredith has it all–historical setting and characters, adventure, conflict, moral dilemma and, best of all, a dynamite love story that makes the 433 pages fly by. . .Memorable characters. . .and events such as prairie fires and Texas fever sweep the reader up in what one character refers to as “a time too late,” the waning days of the Texas frontier.”

San Antonio Light

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