Murder in Volume

Murder in volume coverThe most dangerous happenings at the mystery discussion group, held at Time and Again Bookstore every Tuesday night, are the arguments between the members about the finer points of the mystery genre. History professor Ryan Stevens dozes happily during the loud disagreements. Being a closet reader of Westerns with no knowledge of mysteries beyond Poe and Sherlock Holmes, Ryan is only a member of the group because he is the bosom companion and very best friend of Megan Clark, board certified forensic anthropologist with a specialty in paleopathology. In other words, Megan autopsies mummies and examines human remains and other archaeological artifacts. Or rather, she would if she could find a job. There being very limited job opportunities in her field, Megan works at the Amarillo Public Library, and pursues various hobbies and sports to alleviate boredom. When Megan and Ryan stumble over the body of Lisa Heredia, spiteful and unpopular member of the discussion group, propped against the side of the bookstore with her throat slit, boredom is the least of Megan’s worries. She finds herself a person of interest in Lisa’s murder. Circumstances conspire to tighten the metaphorical knot around Megan’s neck, until she enlists the discussion group in a risky plan to catch a killer.


“A mystery lover’s delight: clever, compelling, original, and chock full of detective lorn, Murder in Volume is as much fun as finding a mint Christie hidden in your great-aunt’s tea cozy.”

Carolyn G. Hart

“How ideal to play sleuth in the company of two such appealing and intriguing characters as Megan Clark and Ryan Stevens–especially when their “Dr. Watsons” include an eccentric hodge-podge of mystery fans. A great beginning for an exciting new series.”

Joan Lowry Nixon

“Wonderfully clever role reversals, a plethora of plot puzzles, an intriguing point of view technique, and an amazingly well-read author of mysteries old and new make this new series by veteran mystery author D. R. Meredith a delight for mystery lovers of all stripes.”

Marlys Millhiser, author of Charlie Green Mysteries
“Keeps the reader intrigued.  More, more!”
Charlaine Harris, author of A Fool and his Money
“Readers who admired Meredith’s knack for capturing a High Plains background for earlier novels. . .will find these talents exploited to the fullest in a tale in which much of the action takes place in a used-book store on the deliberately quaint and picturesque route of old Route 66 through the San Jacinto area of Amarillo.
Amarillo Globe News
“. . .A spunky, likable character and the supporting characters in the Murder in Volume are very entertaining and ones I would like to revisit and explore their interests in the mystery genre more.
Mystery Reader

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