Murder Past Due

Murder Past Due Cover

The Murder by the Yard Reading Circle, a mystery discussion group, is six months old, and Megan Clark, assistant reference librarian and unemployed paleopathologist, suggests a mystery tour of Amarillo’s real-life murder sites. Megan nominates Ryan Stevens, history professor at the local university to moderate the tour. Ryan is horrified. After Megan and other members of the reading group have already dabbled at solving four different murders on two separate occasions, Ryan doesn’t want Megan near any kind of murder cases, even those decades old and long solved. But Ryan is persuaded by Megan to participate in the tour, and as he feared, she is knee deep in another murder. Hired as a consultant by Bruce Gorman, wealthy Amarillo aristocrat, to solve the murder of his grandson’s bride, Megan happily recruits the reading circle to help in her investigation. Ryan is both appalled and worried. The Gorman murder case is only twenty years old; whoever strangled young Melinda Gorman could still be alive and unwilling to have Megan digging up the family dirt.


“Megan remains an appealing lead character. . .D. R. Meredith’s five Clark books are all quite good.”

Books and Bytes

“The capable D. R. Meredith gives us a fine tale and a puzzling mystery. . .Megan and Megan are a lively duo.”

Romantic Times

“Meredith’s plotting skills shine. . .her characters are so real they walk right off the page. . .Megan Clark had me chuckling, cheering, and turning pages as fast as I could to see whodunit.”

Jean Hagar, author of the Mitch Bushyhead series

“It’s a bravura performance, a literary juggling act by the author. . .Thumbnail accounts of certain historic cases weave links between characters and motivations in the true and fictional crimes and a rich mix of elements sure to entertain mystery fans.”

Amarillo Globe News

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