The Reckoning

Murder Past Due Cover

Love–Hate–Natural Disasters–Retribution–Revenge, all contribute to the humbling of Mattie Hunter in THE RECKONING, a complex sequel to Meredith’s first novel of historical fiction: A TIME TOO LATE. Separated from Jesse McDade, her former ranch manager and the man she loves, Mattie is at the mercy of whatever cruel acts her weakling husband, Samuel, and his close companion, Clint Murray, can devise. Thanks to a decision her father made, Mattie no longer holds clear title to her ranch, but shares it with Samuel. Whatever decision Samuel makes, Mattie can thwart until one day she learns a strong woman cannot always defeat a man’s physical strength. It is up to Jesse McDade to defend Mattie, and he pays a terrible reckoning for loving her. Mattie’s own reckoning may be worse as a vengeful woman threatens the land that Mattie loves–perhaps loves more than any man.


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